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The Two Most Important Things To Do When Emailing Technical Support

Monday 27 June 2022

5 minute read

By Reza Snowdon

We've all had to email technical support at some point and usually there can be a bit of back and forth before the issue is solved which can take up valuable time. 

However, the time involved can be heavily reduced by adding key information at the very start.

This information adds a decent boost to the whole process meaning it is ultimately solved quicker and also requires less effort on not only your part but the individual providing the support meaning it's a win-win for both parties.


When describing an issue, always provide a link to exactly where the issue is occurring. For instance:

"I'm having trouble accessing the filters on this section (https://example.com/reporting/filters/big-reports)"

This instantly gives a boost to the person who is providing the support as they can just click on a link to see where the issue lies without the need to spend time looking through the site to see where the issue lies. They can just click and instantly see what you are referring to and there is no ambiguity.


There is an old adage which goes 'a picture speaks a thousand words' and this is still very much the case when requesting technical support. You can go on describing an issue in great detail without conveying anywhere near what a simple screenshot does.

The screenshot provides context and a host of other information that may be omitted if a verbal description of the issue is made. Screenshots are very easy to take but vary somewhat between platforms so if you are unsure how to take a screenshot, search: 'How to take a screenshot on <insert your computer/phone type here>'.

Why this matters...

Let's put these two simple pieces together to form a short example email to a support team.

"Good morning,

I'm having trouble accessing the filters on this section (https://example.com/reporting/filters/big-reports)
Please see the screenshot below showing the filters not displaying. Normally they do and I'm not sure why they are not showing today.

<screenshot of filters not showing here>

Many thanks for your help"

This short email that seems so simple provides an abundance of information because it outlines an issue but then gives a link and description for the person providing support to find out more. The great thing is that a link and a screenshot provide so much information, but they are so quick to include in an email!

If you're not doing it already, try adding these pieces of information next time you need some technical support - it will almost certainly help you get the issue resolved quicker than if they were not included.

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