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The Ugly Truth About Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is a method that we have long championed now and there is lots of research and reports on companies who have seen real ROI and success from their inbound efforts.

However, there might just be some truths to inbound marketing that these wonderful reports and statistics miss out.

Inbound marketing is a term given to the following marketing process:

"Inbound marketing refers to marketing activities that bring visitors in, rather than marketers having to go out to get prospects' attention. Inbound marketing earns the attention of customers, makes the company easy to be found, and draws customers to the website by producing interesting content." [Source: Wikipedia]

Previously we have written a lot of introductory content on inbound marketing, so if you want to start your inbound journey, we recommend beginning with this content: 

Find out why it's crucial to choose a UK HubSpot Partner Agency to help you implement inbound/HubSpot at your company.

We don't believe in encouraging any company to undertake any form of marketing, software or methodology without knowing all of the facts, so here it is...

4 Ugly Truths About 'Going Inbound'

Although inbound marketing has a lot of plus points - just read any of the above blogs - there is a lot that you might have to sacrifice, or accept, before you begin your inbound journey.

The last thing we want is customers that aren't prepared for the ride, so here is our top advice:

1. It's going to highlight some potentially nasty surprises

A lot of companies implement marketing because they believe it will add to their brand awareness, generate new sales and build a generally positive reputation within their target audience base.

However, a lot of companies then become quite ignorant (to put it bluntly) as to what their marketing activities are actually getting them. Have you implemented an email campaign and took no interest - or understanding - in the results? You're not alone!

"Going inbound" highlights all of the marketing campaigns, methods and efforts that may not be producing the results you expected, but although this is a nasty surprise, it gives you an opportunity to test and put things right.

2. There is a lot of responsibility on your shoulders, from the start

From the word 'go', you will have to work hard to ensure that you have enough content and strategies in place to make sure that your messaging is suitable for your buyer personas and producing positive results.

Although inbound marketing does work for itself 24/7 you still need to monitor the results and be willing to adapt when your content marketing strategy may not be reaching the goals you hoped it would.

3. Inbound is no overnight wonder, it's a long-term solution 

Inbound marketing offers tangible results but it doesn't produce them immediately. There is a lot of behind the scenes action that must go on, before you can implement a live strategy and then there needs to be time allowed for it to work.

Although inbound marketing does take a lot of time and effort to get started once you have your strategies in place there is a lot more "monitoring", making it a long-term solution which requires less effort.

4. You WILL need help - don't think this is a "go it alone" option

If you're not comfortable with content marketing and don't have an in-house marketing team, it is a lot easier to "buddy" up with a marketing agency that can support you along the way.

Although we provide inbound marketing software from another company, its easier for you to engage with a local agency about your campaigns, because Thrive is more likely to spend more time specifically supporting you and reaching your goals with you.

What's next?

Don't worry! Inbound is a long process but it does provide tangible results, with lots of reporting and measuring capabilities so you can be sure to see in black and white which of your efforts are providing sales.

Find out why it's crucial to choose a UK HubSpot Partner Agency to help you implement inbound/HubSpot at your company.

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