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Thrive Supports Health & Wellbeing Provider Tackling Covid-19

Monday 28 September 2020

5 minute read

By Sarah Burns

Full-service creative marketing agency Thrive is bringing to life an exciting project with proactive healthcare organisation, Recovery4Life.

Recovery4Life offers specialist mental health, risk management and substance misuse services. 

With the company’s roots in primary care, Recovery4Life identified the potential workplace implications of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic before lockdown was introduced in March 2020. In fact, they were early adopters of Covid-19 testing, thanks to their reactive approach to monitoring and responding to emerging trends in primary care. 


The Gateshead-based organisation, with a team of clinical specialists including doctors and physiotherapists, as well as HR and Risk Management experts, identified the need for a ‘return to work’ app that would allow employers and employees to manage safer, healthier workplaces with ease. 

The risk management app, already in the advanced build stages with Thrive’s developers, will allow employees to login and identify their Covid-19 symptoms, as well as their general health and wellbeing, and external factors such as the potential symptoms and health of loved ones and those they’ve been in recent contact with. From there, the app will send this data - and a risk-managed ‘score’ - to employers with guidance about how to safely manage this employee’s return to work. 

More than being an exclusive solution for the Covid-19 pandemic, the app’s risk management capabilities allow it to identify wider potential health concerns and risks with employees, that may be as a result of Covid-19 but are health issues that would otherwise go unresolved.

Johnny Woods, Thrive’s director, explains: “The ‘return to work’ app is a fantastic project for our developers, who have created the logic and functionality needed to identify signs of mental health distress and alcohol abuse, to anxiety and even PTSD.

“The app will alert employers to any early warning signs of such conditions, which are all on the rise and becoming the increasingly clear consequences of Covid-19 and the lockdown so that employers can manage their workforces with the appropriate care and support.”

The project is well on its way to making a real difference in the management and implementation of safe Covid-19 workplace procedures and Recovery4Life couldn’t be happier with progress to date.

Alex Devitt, chief operating officer at Recovery4Life, said: “We’ve worked with various IT and app specialists, and in comparison working with Thrive has been a breeze.

“Every step of the way, Johnny and the team have been able to understand the complexity of our requirements and translate them into a workable solution from a clinical perspective, which is absolutely not an easy thing to do.”

Thrive is continuing to support Recovery4Life with their app, which will launch soon, and will continue to work on expanding its functionality and capabilities, as the pandemic - and its wider implications - continues to impact normal working life, as well as supporting the primary care provider with a revitalised website. 

Find out more about Recovery4Life’s work via recovery4life.co.uk and learn more about full-service creative marketing agency Thrive via thriveability.co.uk

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