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11 Add-ons and Integrations for HubSpot in 2020

The capability of HubSpot’s software is, in many ways, unrivalled. However, it can be enhanced with the addition of its rich catalogue of add-ons and integrations from other platforms and tools.

As with any platform, largely speaking, HubSpot can also be improved by third-party integrations, including the major players, Salesforce, Slack, and WordPress, but also some lesser-known tools that can ensure success for your marketing & sales teams.

If there’s particular marketing, sales, or website function, you’re looking to complete and HubSpot itself doesn’t quite fulfil your requirements, there’s a very real chance that you can find a suitable alternative in its integrations library.

You may need your developer to add these to your portal and conduct testing to ensure it doesn’t negatively impact any other part of your marketing, sales, or website, functionality. 

Below we’ve listed some of the most popular integrations that may be worth considering for your own HubSpot account… 

Popular integrations for your HubSpot account


Get HubSpot notifications, tasks, and slash commands within Slack

Google Ads

Grow better with Google Ads. 

Facebook Ads

Create targeted audiences and easily report on the ROI of your ad spend on Facebook.


Connect your lead flows and collected forms to your MailChimp account to push contacts from HubSpot into specific MailChimp lists.


Connect your WordPress CMS blog or website with your HubSpot tools to convert website visitors into leads and buyers.


Grow better with HubSpot and Salesforce. 


Build beautiful landing pages to register webinar attendees using HubSpot. Send reminders, follow-up emails, and nurture attendees. Never import or export another CSV file of webinar leads again.


Automatically turn event registrants in Eventbrite into contacts in HubSpot, while recording event data on the HubSpot contact timeline.


Schedule online or phone meetings in seconds, hassle-free, right within HubSpot CRM.


Send inbound phone call data into HubSpot, create new leads or add phone calls to the contact activity timeline, segment and score leads based on calls and texts and more.


Capture more leads with beautiful forms and instantly send the data to your HubSpot contact lists. Create quizzes, contact forms, and signup forms that look great on any device.

View the full list of integrations here.

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