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3 Business Must-Dos Now to Save Time & Money Later

Monday 7 June 2021

7 minute read

By Sarah Burns

Our lives have changed during the pandemic, and with it have our mindsets - less is more, ease and convenience is preferred, so what changes can you make now to save time and money later?

The pandemic may have sent your business flying into the stratosphere with an uptick in demand and requirement from consumers, or you may have experienced a slow period of business performance. 

Either way, as the world looks to be heading towards a more familiar new normal, are there things you can be doing now which will reap rewards later? 

We have compiled our favourite tips from the team that you may want to implement as business performance remains slower, or perhaps the breakneck speed you enjoyed at the height of the pandemic has eased and you’re looking to invest in your business)? 

1. Optimise your online presence

If things slowed down or sped up, you probably decided not to invest in your online presence -  you either felt it was a waste of money that you didn’t have or a waste of money you didn’t need to invest because things were going so well.

The world has changed a lot, a whole year (or more) has passed since you last considered your outward presence. Has the business changed during that time? Have your products or services changed? Has your ethos and business’ key messaging developed to suit the new world we live in? All of these should be updated, and your general online presence is a key way to do this effectively. 

If your website was already outdated pre-pandemic, now is a good time to review what you want from your online presence and speak to a reputable provider that can bring your dreams to life. Consider:

  • Is it easy to edit and update?
  • Does it meet security and Google algorithm requirements?
  • Is it searchable and SEO friendly?
  • Does your website support your other digital outlets, i.e. social media, your app? 
  • Are your products and services clearly displayed and easy to navigate/purchase?
  • Are links to contact details, FAQs, and social media all easily accessible?

2. Get back out there!

Networking is going to be a major element of any business emerging from the pandemic. Have you kept your current relationships as fresh as possible? Do you need to host an event, or attend an event? Is it worth sending out a personal email or letter to current contacts to rebuild those bridges? 

Do you need to start marketing to wider audiences post-pandemic? 


  • Drop an informal email reaching out to current contacts
  • Send a letter or branded flyer to prospects
  • Gift those you really want to impress a coffee shop gift card for a possible catch up, or for them to use on their own time
  • Pick up the phone and don’t feel the need to Zoom - we’re all fatigued from constant virtual calls!

3. Do some research

A lot of us have been so focused on surviving, that we haven’t had time to do the usual tasks we’d usually do to thrive. Carve some time out each week for a webinar, seminar, old-fashioned book reading, or online research, about the areas of your expertise that have been neglected during this difficult time.

Confident about your current skills? Make the time to pick up something new that utilises your abilities and position in the business. 


  • Hit the books and refresh your knowledge
  • Learn something new with an online or in-person (Covid permitting) course
  • Take on something you can do to free up another staff member’s time, i.e. blogging, or sales and customer service tasks, etc.
  • Invest in revitalising your working day for you and the team - is there a more efficient and productive way to work?

Ready to re-invest in your business? We are on hand to support businesses with a variety of marketing and creative needs, including our bespoke website solutions and paid marketing strategy support. 

If you're looking to embark on a website build project, whether it's completely from scratch or a site refresh, our ebook will give you the knowledge to make your project as stress-free as possible.

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