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What Does Inbound Marketing Mean for the North East?

You've probably heard of the term inbound marketing coined by a number of local, or UK-wide, agencies - but what does it mean for the North East?

We began our inbound marketing journey way back in 2013 and, to be fair, we've been educating other businesses and individuals ever since.

The term was relatively alien to most back then - it may still be to you now. It's origin is the USA and it is a particular marketing methodology from US organisation, HubSpot.

If you're in the North East, you may feel like it's more important to attend exhibitions, pay for local radio advertising or invest in an advert in the local newspaper.

However, inbound marketing is a wholesome approach to all-round marketing challenges. It provides a solution in its ability to attract customers when they are good and ready.

Rather than spending your time on a radio advert for Heart FM or a piece in the Chronicle, you can set up an all-singing, all-dancing website and marketing solution with inbound.

How? HubSpot is our automation platform of choice. It allows you to implement social media marketing, blogging, email marketing, ebooks and lead generation processes. All of this can also be analysed in the HubSpot platform, so you can monitor your efforts.

North East organisations can also benefit from our support as a local Partner Agency. Rather than going direct to HubSpot, by coming to us we can support you with a retainer package and implement the basics or talk you through additional options. 

Enquire about our free 30-day HubSpot trial or get in touch about our HubSpot retainer packages.

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