Why You Need a Local Hubspot Agency

Why You Need a Local HubSpot Agency

Published: 01 May 2017 08:45 AM

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When it comes to marketing agencies there is certainly a lot of choice - right? So how do you pick a HubSpot Agency to undertake and support your inbound marketing?

There are lots of agencies that offer marketing, lots of them provide content marketing and quite a few of us are HubSpot Agency Partners

When it comes to picking your HubSpot agency you should consider picking someone local - just like you might with your fruit and veg - as it's great for a number of reasons.

Local knowledge

Your agency might be one of the best in the world, but if they're US-based or located in London how can they provide excellent local knowledge that complements their excellent knowledge of HubSpot and all things inbound?

You need to support your HubSpot strategy with additional marketing techniques - such as mail campaigns and social media marketing, which always works better when it's performed by someone that knows you inside out - and your audience.

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Local reputation

When it comes to local marketing agencies, you're typically looking at no more than five who categories themselves as experts at what they do. Pick a handful and research all of them - including asking your networks and looking at online reviews. Their reputation with your contacts and their existing/past clients will speak volumes.

Meet them - pick the one that resonates most with your organisation's ethos and just 'gets' your creativity and bright ideas.

Local contacts

As marketers we know that the greatest thing about your business connections can be who else they're connected to. A contact book is an incredibly valuable resource - for both sides of the partnership. If you're County Durham based and your marketing agency is based in Hull, how valuable are those contacts? Less so than a local agency's contact book. 

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Local support

There is nothing greater than knowing your supplier/client (it works both ways!) is on your side, cheering you on and shooting from the rooftops about you. If you've got an event coming up or you're looking for fundraising support, that local organisation is much more likely to be realistically able to attend or be aware of, and support, those causes too.

A supplier/client relationship is amazing for both parties and allows for additional collaboration outside of the remit of the work. 

Remember to carefully research your potential HubSpot agency and think about the advantages of choosing 'local', but don't forget that expertise and personality 'fit' is also crucial. Why not meet with a few and see which one you just 'click with' - that's usually an easy but accurate indicator!