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5 Blogs to Support Your Career Development

It goes without saying that this list is not going to be your one-stop answer. But it can certainly get you started with your journey of personal growth and career evolution. 

You’re going to need to do some research.

You will need to spend time finding what it is you need to improve upon - is it your interpersonal skills, time management/organisation, or industry expertise? 

Having led with that disclaimer we’re going to share a few resources that have been incredibly useful in my journey so far as a marketing manager (I’ve done my best to balance it, so they’re not all women-focused)!



A fast-paced blog filled with ideas around typical careers, entrepreneurship and leadership, covering everything from having confidence at work, learning new skills at 30, to writing a cover letter, and so much more. It’s also worth noting this blog has an abundance of blog posts on other topics too, including money, parenting and technology (to name just a few)! 

Visit lifehack.org


Elana Lyn 

To be fair, the guys reading this will be immediately put off by the site’s feminine design, but the content is amazing - of course, particularly for females. Its  Career section is regularly updated with advice on interviews, the gender pay gap and networking. Elana Lyn also includes some amazing career profiles with working women that are definitely worth a read. 

Visit elanalyn.com 


Scott Young 

I recently stumbled across this blog whilst planning on writing this article. Not necessarily career-related Scott does post regularly about the importance of learning, organisation, focus and basically keeping productive and happy. Amongst some fantastic articles about improving our ability to learn, I spotted this gem of an article which features some fantastic posts about careers.

Visit scotthyoung.com


The Everygirl 

I’ve been subscribed to The Everygirl for about a year and it’s a perfect resource for any career-oriented women under 40. The career section of its blog covers a range of work and financial topics including the biggies for Gen Z and millennials in the workplace and their financial lives - moving home, setting career goals and boosting your confidence. 

Visit theeverygirl.com


Blog: Art of Manliness 

For a man’s take on the world of work and money, Art of Manliness covers a lot of the same topics as female-led blogs but with a simple and to-the-point tone. Posts cover a variety of financial and career issues - amongst others - including standing up to your boss, being a working father, and salary negotiation.  

Visit artofmanliness.com

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