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An Introduction to Smarketing

Friday 14 October 2016

9 minute read

By Sarah Burns

"What is smarketing?", we hear you cry! 

Smarketing has been a term used in the marketing profession for at least three years, but there is an indication that this cool buzzword is exploding.

It's about time we tackled it for you then!

Smarketing refers to:

"Alignment between your sales and marketing teamscreated through frequent and direct communication between the two."

Source: HubSpot

Simple enough? Perhaps not.

What is smarketing?

Sales and marketing teams need to work towards the same goal, so that when the likes of you and I (and everybody else) click on Tesco, Argos, Amazon..., and we analyse a product, look at similar products on that website and others', sales and marketing can analyse and effectively respond tot his behaviour.

Every marketing activity that you complete should have a sales goal attached.

"60% of the sales cycle is over before a sales rep even gets involved. Marketing is the voice of sales during that 60%."

Source: HubSpot 

Why do we need it?

Sales people used to have all of the power, in that they had all of the information that the consumer just wasn't capable of getting, so they had to, more or less, take the salesperson's word for it.

Today, we have SEO, email marketing, social media, online activities in general - inbound marketing!

So your marketing team needs to know what the sales team's goals are so that they can combine them in those initial activities - before a sales rep is involved.

How do we implement smarketing metrics?

A service level agreement is increasingly becoming a popular method  this details the commitments from both teams, how they will be performed and what goals they should achieve. 

HubSpot suggests a SLA spreadsheet that focuses on:

  • Number of marketing-generated leads (MQLs)
  • Number of MQLs that became customers
  • Revenue from those closed deals
  • Total revenue closed that month/quarter from MQLs
  • Total revenue closed that month/quarter


If you want to get started with smarketing activities ASAP, why not jump in with HubSpot's six-step process?

  • Have a regular smarketing meeting to align goals
  • Agree on an SLA that relates to revenue and quota
  • Agree on an SLA about activity
  • Measure the entire funnel
  • Invest in sales enablement
  • Respect the customer life cycle


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