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British Airways Is Britain's Top Brand, According to Superbrands

Wednesday 26 February 2014

3 minute read

By Sarah Burns

Britain's favourite brand has been revealed by the new 2014 Consumer Superbrands list.

Most notably, perhaps, Apple has dropped out of the top 10 and Facebook has disappeared from the top 20 altogether!

So the winner is...

British Airways have taken the top spot, with maybe thanks to it's latest re-branding, 'To Fly, To Serve' campaign.

The highest ranking Business Superbrand title was given to Visa.

So, take a look at where your preferred brands rank in both the Consumer Superbrands 2014 and Business Superbrands 2014 lists:

Consumer Superbrands 2014

1. British Airways
2. Rolex
3. Coca-Cola
4. BBC
5. Heinz
6. Microsoft
7. Google
8. Gillette
9. Kellogg’s
10. BMW
11. Cadbury
12. Andrex
13. Amazon.co.uk
14. Apple
15. Boots
16. Nike
17. Sony
18. Marks & Spencer
19. Shell
20. Mercedes-Benz

Business Superbrands 2014

1. Visa
2. Google
3. Apple
4. MasterCard
5. British Airways
6. Microsoft
7. BP
8. Samsung
9. Virgin Atlantic
10. Shell
11. Bosch
12. American Express
13. Rolls-Royce Group
14. FedEx
15. Royal Mail
16. PayPal
17. Barclaycard
18. BT
19. DHL
20. Caterpillar

For full details about how the brands are ranked, click here. If you want more information about the company behind the list - Superbrands UK - click here.

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