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'Fail Friday' - New Year's Resolutions Broken Today

Friday 24 January 2014

3 minute read

By Sarah Burns

Did you make a New Year's resolution this year? Does today seem unusually harder to keep that resolution? There may be a reason why...

A survey has revealed that January 24th, is the day that as a nation, we will all breakdown and give into biting our nails/eating that cupcake/drinking that pint/missing that everyday pre-work run. What let downs we all are!

January 24th - today - has been called 'Fail Friday', so with the alleged 'Blue Monday' being on Monday, it hasn't been a utterly good week for us Brits.

The survey - conducted by FreeDeliveryLand.co.uk, on 750 participants - revealed that those who said they would be making resolutions or had made them in previous years, would usually have given them up after 3.5 weeks of trying.

So, feel week, give into temptation, get that chocolate muffin and ban the word 'muffin top'. It's 24 days in and we've all given up!

Think we're over-exaggerating? The poll also showed that the amount of people who actually kept their resolution was just 3%!

In our office we've all given in to temptation at some point, or just never bothered to make a resolution in the first place (it's easier than being defeated), but what about you?

Leave a comment and share with Thrive what you promised you'd do in 2014 - have you kept it? We won't tell anyone if you slipped up...!

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