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Google Easter Eggs: All of the Tricks You Didn't Know Google Could Do

If you've got five minutes between tasks, need a break from that nightmare spreadsheet or are looking for something to pass the time away on your lunch break, we've found 15 things you can do on Google!

Quirky Things

1. Askew

Search for "askew" and Google will not only tell you, it will show you.

2. Barrel roll

Search "do a barrel roll" and watch the magic happen! Perfect for those who remember Nintendo’s "Star Fox 64".

3. Blink

Search for <blink> and Google's developers have come up with a fun result when you hover over the word 'blink' in the search results.

4. Flip a coin

Search "flip a coin" and let Google do it for you - solving all of your trivial decisions without the need to go rummaging for pennies!

5. Roll a dice

Similar to #4 should you wish to roll a dice, Google will do this for you too, simply search "roll a dice" (or "roll a die").

6. Spinner

For other life-determining decisions, Google also has a spinner, with various wheel size options (up to 20). It's been updated to offer a digital fidget spinner too, for those that need to fidget digitally. Search "spinner".

7. Google in 1998

Go back in time by searching "google in 1998" to get a throwback to 90s SERP pages.

8. Kerning

Search for "kerning" and see the search results for the word 'kerning' with the perfect spacing - because kerning is "the process of adjusting the spacing between characters in a proportional font"!

9. Spirit Level

Find the perfect balance when you're out and about by searching "bubble level" in your mobile device. This feature doesn't work on desktop.

Games to Play

Got a spare five minutes? Need to take a break? Google has many gaming options to allow you to refresh your brain...

10. Solitaire

Remember on Windows back in the day when the best game was Solitaire (or is that just me?) - well now, Google makes it easy. Search "play solitaire" choose your difficulty level and start playing!

11. Tic Tac Toe

Search "tic tac toe". You can choose a level of ability and play either against a friend sharing your computer or Google itself! Search "Terni Lapilli" as tic tac toe is translated in Roman and you can still play the game!

12. Dinasour Game

Who knew?! When your internet connection goes down you may have noticed the friendly Google Dino who occasionally blinks at you as you frustratingly wait to get back online.

However, he wants you to hit the space bar for a fun jumping game!

13. Play Dreidl

Available all year round, not just for Hanukkah! Search "play dreidl".

14. Atari Breakout

Go to Google Images and search "atari breakout", then watch as the search results transition into an incredible game of the 70s classic!

15. Pac-man

Search "pac-man" for a classic go at this retro throwback. Google has also introduced Pac-man into its Maps before, but this option has been removed.

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