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How to Create Evergreen Content That Gets Results

The leaves are falling and Autumn is here but that's no reason to create aging content - go evergreen!

If you haven't already heard of the term, 'evergreen content' is content that stands the test of time. It's that blog post that is still generating traffic three years later or that ebook that remains your highest performing long-form content even though it was uploaded two years ago. 

Is it sustainable or timeless?

Will the information last forever without a second thought or does it need attention and editing later on?

Sustainable: Requires editing and attention every so often to keep the content "evergreen". For instance, our How to Use Facebook for Business ebook was first uploaded three years ago but this month it has just underwent it's second update to keep it evergreen.

Timeless: It requires no attention because the process/advice outlined in your content will never change. For instance, guides and 'how to' articles on "How to fry an egg" or "How to sew a button" will stand the test of time.

Rethink where you can find existing evergreen content

It doesn't have to just be your blog, you can find evergreen content in your FAQs section, ebooks and testimonials, as well as videos and articles ('History of...' and 'Glossary of Terms' etc.)

You've probably written chapter and verse on suitable evergreen pieces, because these pieces should be in depth, detailed and cover all bases. It is your pillar content, from which you branch with bite size knowledge and sub-topics.

Best Practices for Managing Evergreen Content

Create an evergreen directory

Go through your editorial calendar or content audit document - however you collate all of your published content - to dig out those evergreen pieces.

By having all of your evergreen content documented, you will be able to regularly review its performance and how to improve, as follows...

Update and review regularly

It's important to identify whether your content is timeless or sustainable (as above) and if it's sustainable it will need regular attention - but this should pay off. 

Even if you have timeless content you should remember to include it in your social promotion schedule and remember to update internal links based on newly published content.

Have you considered your SEO strategy?

By incorporating a closely followed SEO strategy for your key evergreen pieces you stand the best chance of success when it comes to the results below.., 

Results you can expect from evergreen content

High search engine rankings

Evergreen content is capable of ranking well in search results, rather than having to rely on just your main site pages.

Regularly generates leads

You should constantly see blog subscriptions coming from these blog posts or regular new leads and conversions from your downloadable resources.

Receives high traffic

These pieces are subject to higher than normal traffic for your average post or webpage - without any paid promotion. 

If you start to notice these results from specific content, then you may just have a newfangled evergreen content piece on your hands... 

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