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How to Create Your Own Press Releases for Affordable PR

You don't need to be Clark Kent (Superman, of course) or Rory Gilmore (Gilmore Girls) to produce your own press releases.

Of course, the one advantage that PR pros have is a bursting contact book full of local, national and specific journalists, offering strong chances of success getting published.

But it's not the only way to "get the word out" about your business. If you're a strong writer and/or marketing professional, why not try it yourself?


In the growing age of digital PR it's also worth bearing in mind that your digital footprint can offer excellent promotion alone - posting your article to your blog/news/online press room section, can work wonders, once distributed via email/social media etc.

Indeed, take a look at the advice below for creating great newsworthy PR for online and/or traditional purposes.

What is your purpose?

Answer the 5Ws - who, what, where, when and why - to ensure you have a valid news story. Arguably the most important question to answer for yourself is "Why is this newsworthy?" - if you can answer that from your reader's perspective, you should be good to proceed!

What will you second paragraph say?

It's great that you've answered the key questions, but go beyond it, particularly if you're producing a feature article. For example, if your business has opened a new office in a new location, the second paragraph needs to explain how the MD started from a home office and is going to provide 10 new jobs for the local community.

Connect your piece to trends and other news

Are you expanding in a tough economy? Are you going against the grain with your performance compared to competitors? Are you going global as Brexit approaches? Have you taken on apprentices who were recently made redundant?

There are so many ways you can "add weight" to what you're sharing. This is often the skill of seasoned PR pro, so if you're struggling, create your piece and then take some time to research the subject matter and your industry - there may be a link you were unaware of.

Explain your context

If you're approaching news outlets you're going to have make this easy as possible for them as you currently have no relationship with its journalists.

Provide high quality photos (they may wish to take their own if your piece is strong enough), offer a back story explaining your role and organisation, plus why the story deserves publishing (context!!).

Consider the format of your article

Press releases typically start with a one-sentence introduction, a few body paragraphs, closing with a tidy conclusion. It will then have some 'notes for press' which might give background information on the company, as well as any additional details that may add to the story, i.e. further information on an event you're promoting.

You need to make it as easy as possible for your new-found journalist contact to take on your piece and edit for publication.

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