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When Is the Right Time to Find a New Marketing Agency?

Friday 20 May 2016

6 minute read

By Sarah Burns

As much as it is a topic we don't like to think about, there are times when a customer chooses to move on to another agency or comes to us enquiring about ending their partnership with a current agency.

The topic is something that can be difficult to broach, given that most of us like to create solid bonds in our client/agency partnership.

We understand that there are reasons beyond our power as an agency for the ending of a partnership, it's part of the process!

Let us help you understand why it might be time for you to break away from your current agency or repair that faltering partnership by having an honest talk with them - they will probably appreciate it, before the relationship breaks down completely! 

Structural strains

Time's up!

Quite simply put, just that! The contract has come to an end and you have delivered on your promises, but your client decides that for financial, structural or cultural reasons there is no value in carrying on. 

New people means new approaches

When organisations see changes in either staff or departmental heads, mainly account managers and customer-facing staff, clients can be affected by this. All successful client/agency partnerships are strengthened, typically, by a common bond, if that bond is a person and they leave your company the newcomer might not be so warmly received.

Disappointing financial value

There hasn't been a real return on their initial investment in your services. That can be down to poor communications to start off with by encouraging unrealistic expectations or, a bad performance on the agency's part. This often goes hand in hand with functional issues, i.e. the website doesn't perform as hoped or the communications strategy seems to have failed to meet expectations. 

You can go without...

Sometimes companies get into a partnership with an agency and have no real measurables and goals, to ensure they're getting a return on their investment. Take a step back and see if you actually require their services and if they're performing - can you live without them?

For instance, some companies operate social media marketing with no real requirement for it. Ask your agency to be honest about what you do and don't need to be spending money on. 

Cultural calamities

You just don't "gel"

Some people are just "chalk and cheese" and although this can be perfect in some cases, there are also instances where these personal differences are going to impact a professional relationship. If you've failed to forge a bond, it might be best to let things come to a natural end, you can still end on amicable terms.

What *exactly* are you getting from this?

Be clear, as a client, that you want to know what you're getting for your money.

Make sure that you and your agency are in agreement about what are realistic expectations for financial obligations, time frames and the alike.

Starting off on a path that is ambiguous is often a key factor in a client/agency breakup.

And, finally...

Money talks

Whether we like to talk about it or not, as an agency or client, money talks. Sometimes it's simply a case of the client not having enough to begin with or finding they don't have enough to continue the partnership. 

Be flexible, if you're on good terms, but be wary that sometimes it's best to just end things, if money is the overriding issue.

If you would like to talk more about Thrive's services or, in relation to developing a partnership, get in touch, hello@thriveability.co.uk / 0845 838 7517.

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