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Learn More About Your Website Visitors With WordPress Plugin, 'Leadin'

Friday 6 November 2015

8 minute read

By Thrive HQ

Want to know what pages your website visitors view before they fill out a form on your website? 

Eager to learn what content is generating the most contacts? All of this and more is information that is actually available to you! How...? 

The answer to those questions exists in the form of a free WordPress plugin, called Leadin! We know that you'll already be intrigued so here is a quick run through of just what the plugin is and how it can enhance your website and marketing efforts...

What is Leadin?

Leadin is a WordPress plugin that gathers publicly available information about each of your contacts, such as:

  • What pages do your contacts visit when on your website?
  • What content has your lead viewed before they filled on a particular form?

This is just the beginning and, better yet, there is no coding or technical capabilities needed - it simply works with your existing forms! 

How can Leadin make an impact on your marketing strategy?

Knowing which parts of your website are generating the most visits is a strong indicator to what product or service is of interest to your contacts. This knowledge can help you alter or focus your marketing efforts to a particular product or service which you would now know is something your personas are interested in.

Being able to see what content is generating the most contacts and views will help you to adapt your marketing strategy to focus on the topic or type of content that your visitors reading.

What we think of Leadin...

We think Leadin is a great tool for businesses which are not yet ready to take the major leap into marketing automation, but are intrigued by the concept and want to still know more of the insights and analytics that automation can provide. 

If you want more information about Leadin or the subject of marketing automation and lead generation, please don't be afraid to ask our team! Additionally, we can advise on similar tools, including more all-round platforms to perform your marketing and sales functions.

If you want to know more about the topics in this blog, feel free to arrange a chat with our team. The kettle is always on, so call 0845 838 7517 or email hello@thriveability.co.uk and we'll be happy to arrange a get-together!

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