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Logos Are Just One Element of a Brand - a Story for MDs, Managers and Creative Teams Alike

Monday 4 August 2014

4 minute read

By Johnny Woods

The brand development process and importance of a company logo – for senior managers looking to refresh their company.

Some business owners and MDs think their company logo is their brand – sadly, it's not that simple, but going through the complex branding process brings great rewards for your brand awareness.

A fresh outlook and clear strategy to develop your brand is important, but where does a logo come into it and are they important?

In a word, yes.

However, they aren't the most important element, nor are they the “be all and end all” of your branding.

Logos typically get the most focus when a company wants to re-brand, however there's an importance on analysing and strategising every aspect of the design and graphics.

Attention to detail and the brand development process is imperative as each – every colour, line, design element – has a defined purpose (both in the logo and the rest of the branding).

Logos are indeed a visual representation of what your company stands for and should embody the messages of your brand – however this involves considering your brand's key messages. Your logo must be a symbolic representation, not a “cute image” that incorporates your favourite colour or font – not if they don't enhance a first impression of a company and generates a warm feeling for the company.

Some design agencies leave the thought process and branding decisions solely to the client, however thrive believe in going through the brand development process together.

Your branding – including your logo – needs a back story, reasons for why that line, graphic element or colour palette was chosen.

Having a design team who can guide you through the back story of your branding is everything – and the pride which will seep out of you when you relay the story will be evidence of the great work that's been done.

Never settle or become obsessed with one element, look for the bigger picture and find a branding agency that's willing to unravel and retell that branding back story with you.

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