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The 2 Free Marketing Academies Your Marketing Team Should Explore in 2020/21

There is a wealth of certifications, training courses and online academies out there for your team to use up their time exploring. But we’re here to give you the ones that have stood the test of time, and a couple that offer a unique learning experience...

01. HubSpot Academy

Specifically the courses outlined in our recent post, ‘6 Core HubSpot Marketing, Sales & Service Certifications for Your Team in 2020’. These are, of course, only useful if you have a HubSpot subscription. However, there are most certainly courses worth exploring, and freely-available to teams not onboarded with HubSpot. We know of marketing professionals that have gotten great use out of their Social Media certification, for instance. Explore their expansive academy and highlight specific certifications for your team to complete here.


02. Google Skillshop

The home of all things Google, the Skillshop covers expansive courses on Google’s products, including Google Ads, Analytics, and Google Marketing Platform. Depending on your requirements, any could be a great fit. If you’re a marketer looking to get serious on brushing up your CV, or implementing powerful marketing techniques into the business you work for, we strongly recommend the Google Ads certifications, a serious game changer for any business to have such a skillset in-house. Browse the range of courses with Google Skillshop here.


What next?

Beyond those two powerhouses of digital marketing and online qualifications, there is a variety of other course providers, both free and paid for, and of course of varying necessity and value. HubSpot and Google are strongly recommended for their amazing ability to revitalise any marketer, without adding costs to your bottom line. 

However, we recommend LinkedIn Learning as a great alternative and introduction to their online skills, with video courses on social media, online video, and so much more. Another worth exploring is Udemy, a powerful resource of online courses, including tutorials around web development, sales and networking, and so much more, as well as digital marketing.

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