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3 Major Updates at HubSpot’s #INBOUND18 Conference for North East SMEs

A round-up of another successful year at #INBOUND and another round-up of exciting developments announced for the HubSpot platform.

In spite of a minor technical glitch which saw an outage on the HubSpot platform for many users, shortly after HubSpot CTO and co-founder, Dharmesh Shah's, speech on mistakes and 'growing better', the week has been a great sign of new, innovative updates.

HubSpot very much has its finger on the pulse as it announced a huge change in its methodology - "Bye funnel, hello flywheel" - and updates to the packaging of its products and services, and a new service - HubSpot Video.

We will have more on the changes to the inbound methodology and the development of the HubSpot Flywheel in the coming week - subscribe to the Thrive blog for updates in your inbox.

Below is a quick run-through of our top 3 major updates announced during #INBOUND18. If you haven't got time to read it, check out HubSpot's very own 1-minute video running through the key announcements.

NEW: HubSpot Growth Suite

The HubSpot Growth Suite is designed to be everything you need to start engaging with your contacts and customers at every stage of their journey. It is available at Starter, Professional, and Enterprise tiers and includes Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, and Service Hub at the respective tiers. Find out more here.

NEW: HubSpot Video

HubSpot Video elevates video across your entire business. With it, your teams can execute a video strategy that matches how people consume video today. It will have specific capabilities included in Marketing Hub, Sales Hub and Service Hub at the Professional and Enterprise tiers.

HubSpot has introduced its new Video platform on the back of a growth in the popularity of personal, authentic and conversational videos. As HubSpot states, "Growth through video can be transformative, but it won’t happen if you don’t match this change and bring video to your entire business" (Source: HubSpot).

NEW: HubSpot CMS

HubSpot CMS will be the "first deeply-integrated CMS and CRM combination that will allow you to offer truly personalised experiences to your website visitors" (Source: HubSpot). Available now and for customers of any Hub or as a standalone product.

This is a great addition both for agencies like Thrive and our clients as it allows for seamless portal management and design.

If you have any questions about the developments released by HubSpot or how HubSpot might benefit your North East SME - you really don’t have to be huge to invest in the inbound methodology or the HubSpot software used to build your approach – get in touch with our Director, Johnny Woods.

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