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Why a Super Bowl Commercial Really Is Worth $50m

The UK doesn't do advertising like America...

Americans go bigger, brasher, bolder... Dare we say, better? It's never more apparent than during the Super Bowl...

Sometimes the "bold, American approach isn't for the better, but when it comes to major advertising campaigns - America is the winner. 

The Super Bowl 2018 takes place this Sunday, 4 February and although American Football isn't a major event for most Brits, it's fast becoming more prominent in our culture.

In the UK we simply don't have a sporting event that competes with the Super Bowl.

Americans see the Super Bowl has an "experience", as opposed to a football game. It isn't just about the sport being played on the field, it's the half-time show, the advertising campaigns and all of that build up!

The Super Bowl is a major event for businesses too - it's the biggest advertising opportunity of the year. Which is why it's important to go big, brash and bold!

$50m: The cost of a single Super Bowl commercial

The average Super Bowl audience for the last five years is estimated to be over 111 million, cementing it as a prime advertising opportunity for US businesses.

According to the AMA (American Marketing Association), ads for last year's Super Bowl averaged at $5.02 million, with NBC expecting to match that price tag for a 30-second slot this year.

Amazingly, Super Bowl finalists, Philadelphia Eagles, pay less than that to their starting quarterback! Nick Foles couldn't afford a single commercial, in spite of the fact he will be enjoying plenty of screen time - his base salary is 5x less than the cost of a commercial!

This year will see the return of commercials from giants, Pepsi and Doritos - both took a break from Super Bowl ads last year - as well as regulars, Budweiser ("Whassup!") and Coca-Cola.  

The Super Bowl is hosted by three major US channels on rotation - NBC, CBS and Fox - this year it's the turn of NBC. They are also hosting the Winter Olympics, taking place in Pyeongchang, South Korea, and will be selling a package deal for ads, according to reports.

Putting it into perspective one of the biggest boxing bouts of 2017 was Mayweather vs. McGregor, grossing $2,620,183 - significantly lower than a single 30-second Super Bowl ad!#

Even the biggest US film event - The Oscars - only averages 33m live viewers - a third of the Super Bowl's expected audience! 

The Super Bowl commercials that stood the test of time

Apple - '1984' (1984)


Budweiser - 'Whassup!' (1999)

Snickers - 'Betty White' (2010)

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