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Why the Right Branding Is Critical To Your Website Success

A brand is more than just a company image. It includes your customers’ experiences and their expectations when interacting with your company both online and offline.

Every interaction the customer has with you influences their perceptions. The product experience, customer service, slogans, ads and even product manuals all contribute to the customers’ perception of your company or product.

Your new website needs to be consistent with all these interactions, solidifying your brand and message in their mind.

At the very least you should have a logo, corporate colours and consistent messaging and photography in place. This needs to be implemented across the whole site, projecting the corporate image of your business.

No brand? Proceed with caution!

Without the most minimal of brand assets in place, your business or organisation is in jeopardy of lacking credibility. A professionally designed logo is a must. A logo template from Microsoft Word or a cheap purchase from fiverr.com says exactly that about your business - cheap!

Invest your time and money wisely into developing a well-strategised brand for your business. A brand that is delivered correctly will add value to the business in its own right and instantly provide a return on your investment.

A well-strategised brand will:

  • Set you apart from the competition and assist with recognition and awareness.
  • A strong brand creates trust and credibility with your prospects and buyers and lets them know that they are dealing with a ‘real’ organisation.
  • A solid brand supports and reinforces your company messaging, mission and values.
  • Your brand provides clarity and reinforces your promise to your customers.
  • Ultimately your brand should connect with your customers on an emotional level.

We could talk all day about the value of a strong company brand but it should be becoming obvious by now that it is worth investing in branding at least to some level.

At a basic level, a simple brand strategy will ultimately save you time and money during the website build and marketing roll-out phases.

Without a brand or at least a logo in place, means that your website designer has no place to start with the design concept. They are essentially starting with a completely blank canvas without direction - your brand needs to come before your website.

As a marketing tool, your website needs to mirror this and remain consistent with your brand.

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