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5 Ways to Promote Your Content Marketing Efforts on Social Media

If you've just produced a piece of exceptional content, shared it on Twitter, posted it to your LinkedIn Group, broadcast it on Facebook Live - or done all three - what more can be done to 'spread the word'?

There's nothing wrong with any of those methods - as long as they're platforms where your audience can be found - but how can you get better results?

Sharing your content isn't as simple as posting the title and URL, you need to work hard to earn those rewards!

Here are our favourite recommendations for content marketing that gets engagements:

1. Make it visual

Your blog post is super-full with relevant, engaging content, but if it isn’t working when you share it on your social channels, you might want to consider the visual impact. Copy and pasting the title and URL doesn't always do the trick - rarely so in this visual world we live in.


  • Produce some social media specific images for your post
  • Create a 'mini infographic' of the key info, if your post is fact-heavy
  • Break it down into a 'teaser video' - get someone who's confident to give a 15-second intro into your video - it will get noticed as people scroll through their feed

2. Shock and excite!

Is there a fundamental message to your post? If so, make the most of it by focusing on that key piece of information.


  • A bold, in-your-face graphic that displays that shock statistic
  • A bright and stand-out graphic with a key quote from your article
  • Go the whole way and take the two suggestions above and create a video clip!

3. Repurpose your content

Sometimes it's the content format that is letting you down, rather than that hard work being completely wasted. Is your audience on the platform you're using? Do your buyer personas prefer to read ebooks or watch webinars?


  • Turn your blog into a video or infographic
  • Produce a series of blog posts from your ebook - or vice versa
  • Create a SlideShare document
  • Publish a report with your key findings if you've compiled significant research
  • Share it on forums as a discussion or in industry-relevant publications

4. Create a content promotion strategy

Along with your content marketing strategy, social media strategy and email marketing strategy you need a plan for actually promoting your content - this should incorporate all of the aforementioned.

How will you share your content to get the best research? Amplify your results by thinking carefully about where and when you will share your content - as well as the format that is best for the topic at hand.


  • Consider sharing your content with local/industry-specific media - tag them in your posts or reach out on specific channels
  • Setting aside an advertising budget for your best performing social media platforms
  • Reinvigorating your approach to email marketing and how you share your content

5. Come back to it!

Dedicate a part of your overall content plan to actually revisiting content you've published. It's amazing how you can find 'easy wins' in this way...


  • Providing updates on product releases you've teased
  • Changing the format of existing content for a fresh approach

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