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5 Developments Revealed During Google's Marketing Live 2018

In July, Google unveiled a number of changes to its product offering for users, here we run you through the biggest announcements.

1. Google Adwords becomes a little simpler

Formerly known as Google Adwords, it is now becoming Google Ads, to better encompass all of the advertising opportunities that Google offers. Google Ads incorporates YouTube, Google Maps, Google Play and more.

2. "Near me" searches get specific

Google has been working to best improve the "near me" search function that allows users to find "takeaways near me" or "wedding venues near me", to also focus on searches for items, i.e. "Adidas trainers near me".

3. Analytics offers cross-device reporting

Users are now able to access cross-device reports on Google Analytics' Audience section, so we can find deeper insights for device overlap, device paths and more!

4. Responsive search ads are a-go-go

Google's advanced machine learning system will be able to build ads by selecting headlines and descriptions, showing in different combinations and orders, based on relevance to the searcher with this new development. As an advertiser you will be able to craft up to 15 headlines and four description lines.

Anthony Chavez, Product Manager Director, Google Ads, said:

"These ads mix and match multiple headlines and descriptions to find the best possible combinations, making it easy for you to deliver unique and tailored messages to potential customers.

"But these ads aren't just responsive. They also give you more flexibility.

"Responsive search ads can display up to 330-character headlines and 290-character description lines.

"This is an increase of 90 percent compared to today's search ads, giving you more opportunity to convey the features and benefits that will resonate with users."

5. Mobile landing page speed scores revealed

Based on a 10-point scale the new feature will grade landing pages from "very slow" to "extremely fast, allowing for businesses to assess their landing page load time and the impact it has on performance.

View the full keynote, as it was delivered by Google on YouTube, here.

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