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Picture of Tom Mather

Tom Mather

For seven years Tom has been a part of our creative team and has continued to rise through the ranks to become our Senior Graphic Designer. He remains passionate about developing our design services, particularly expanding our UI/UX expertise. Tom is also increasingly managing client accounts and is passionate about providing quality results. Away from his Mac, you will find Tom spending time with his family at home or in the Lake District.

5 Ways Design Allows You to Build a Trustworthy Brand

Trust is often a word that is ‘branded’ about, but few businesses understand the benefits of being seen to be trustworthy and others assume that they are. After all, trust is something that has to be earned.

Introducing the Brand Process for SMEs at Our North East Design Agency

Here at Thrive, we love a good process, especially if it works.

Design Dictionary: Your Guide to Speaking ‘Designer’

Do you often speak to your designer and not understand what they are asking for?

Rebrand: Identifying the Power of 3 with Financial Advisors, Three Counties

Rebranding is a great opportunity to really get to know your clients and rebranding an existing client is no different.

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