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The UK's Greatest Valentine's Day Marketing Campaigns of 2019

Is Valentine’s Day high on your list of “to do’s”? We’re guessing that Greggs and IKEA aren’t up there, but they could be… They are behind two of the quirkiest February 14th campaigns running in the UK this year...

If you’re looking for a romantic setting for your candlelit meal or a gift that will blow them away, maybe you should consider Greggs, IKEA, Poundland and Tyrrells!

No? We get it. But the marketing boost such bizarre stories garner is more than enough for them to admit they aren’t, in fact, romantic, luxurious gifts or eateries. Let’s face it we’d all gladly share Gregg’s offer of a pasty-focused dinner offer on Facebook because it’s funny - so we’re giving them the publicity they were hoping for!

Here’s our overview of the best Valentine’s campaigns (so far) for February 14, 2019.


A romantic meal for two surrounded by Swedish flat-pack furniture isn’t what gets most people’s hearts fluttering, but IKEA FAMILY members in Gateshead can indeed grab a three-course meal for just £25 (it’s £15 in Leeds).

Places must be reserved and the date night must be Valentine’s itself. Gateshead’s IKEA is offering a glass of wine or beer as part of the price and promises participating couples will be waited on by their friendly staff.


The Northern baker is pulling out all the stops for Valentine’s this year, advertising a pasty-focused four-course meal for guests. Select shops will be transformed ‘into restaurants designed for romance, complete with mood lighting and music, roses, candles and linen tablecloths’. Impressively (depending on how you look at Greggs’ valentine’s offering), the four-course meal comes at just £15 per couple and includes a bottle of prosecco.


On the back of it’s much-advertised naughty ‘elf on the shelf’ campaign over Christmas, the discount retailer is offering engagement rings for its Valentine’s campaign.

The rings are all “silver” (stainless steel) and feature a mock gemstone, so anybody can get down on one-knee spontaneously - or as a joke (hope that doesn’t backfire) - without having to worry about having the perfect ring.


Forget the stresses of organising an evening in of wining and dining your lucky partner or date, simply pick up a bag of crisps and romance is guaranteed! At least, that’s according to Tyrrells’ new flavour, ‘Aphrodisiac’.  The saucy red packet promises to “spice up your Valentine’s Day”, with a flavour combination of sweet honey and fiery chilli.

They are our four front-runners for UK Valentine’s campaign winners in 2019, if you spot any others’, share them with us!

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