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Why Facebook Business Manager Works for Small Businesses

Monday 13 July 2020

8 minute read

By Rachael Farley

Facebook Business Manager is an essential tool for any small business that outsources their social media marketing to an agency or has several employees working on a business page.

Setting up a Business Manager for your company will allow you to securely manage Pages, admins, ad accounts and much more all in one place. It ultimately gives you more control and transparency over who has access to your information and allows you to make adjustments as your business grows and circumstances change. 

Separate Portal 

Your Business Manager is separate to your own personal feed meaning there’s no risk of mixing business with pleasure. You can avoid any accidental mishaps of posting something meant for your personal account on a business page and vice versa. 

It also avoids any risk of distraction - instead of scrolling through your friends and family’s posts, you will be focused entirely on your business’ marketing using Facebook Business Manager. 


Combine Different Pages or Ad Accounts

If your company has Pages for different franchises or locations, you can connect each Page into one Business Manager. You can also set up different ad accounts in order to keep businesses’ advertising budgets separate but make managing everything more streamlined as it is accessible in one portal. 


Manage Users and Permissions

Unfortunately, there have been circumstances where agencies or past employees have had access to a Page and misused their permissions, such as taking ownership or even deleting the Page!

You can use Business Manager to keep tabs on who has access to your Page and what type of permissions they have.

  • Remove access to employees who have left the company
  • Ensure only senior members of staff have the ability to change Page roles
  • Give the right access to the people who need it - for example, your marketing team are probably the only members that would need access to your ad account in order to set up paid advertising campaigns

If you already outsource your social media marketing or are looking to, you need Facebook Business Manager to correctly assign your chosen agency as a ‘Partner’. This ensures that you still have ownership of your Page, ad account, Facebook Pixel, etc, and they just have access to set up campaigns and monitor activity. If you no longer need the agency’s help or if the relationship breaks down, you can easily remove them as a partner without losing anything.


Facebook Business Manager is much different than using your personal account to manage a Page. However, the tool can be beneficial to small businesses who need to be stringent about employees and their page roles. Business Manager is also the only correct way to be able to give account access to an external agency without risking losing ownership.

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