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Picture of Johnny Woods

Johnny Woods

As a Director at Thrive, Johnny is involved in the day-to-day running of the design and web arms of the business, but is also tasked with business development. Enthusiastic about the opportunities that inbound marketing and HubSpot can provide, Johnny is a crucial part of our marketing approach. Outside of work he can be found chasing after his dog, Gunner, or at the North East boxing club he runs.

Digital Growth Agency, Thrive, Wishes You a Merry Christmas and All the Best for 2019

It's oh-so-close to the 'big day' now!

5 Reasons We Love the HubSpot CRM

The fact that I am even writing this blog is astounding. Honestly, four years ago, I didn’t even know what a CRM was, never mind having the insight and experience to recommend one!

B2B? B2C? Why We Recommend a H2H Approach to Communications

Do you work in business to business or business to consumer sales? Are you selling wholesaler to retailers or retailer to consumer?

Outbound Sales vs. Inbound Sales - Which One Is for You?

As business owners or directors, we have all had it before! That annoying, unwanted, cold sales call.

Sales Traditionally Favoured the Salesperson, Not With Inbound Sales!

Traditionally, the power has always been in the hands of the salesperson. They have been the people who held the knowledge and were able to leverage this information to push and entice a sale.

Make a Sales Call - I’d Rather Be Punched in the Face! (Literally.)

An article originally posted on LinkedIn, June 1, 2017. My development into sales and the HubSpot Pipeline Generation Bootcamp with Dan Tyre. 

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