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Rachel Townsend Green

Rachel is a Director at Thrive and leads our organisation's strategic output, with more than 20 years’ marketing experience and an MBA in social media to her name. When she's away from the office she can be found in her craft room or trying to create peace between her three dogs, Monty, Bingo and Freddie.

Pretty much everything that we do here at Thrive centres around communication - digital, design, development and all of those sub-services too!

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Published: Friday 19, April 2019 | Written by: | 2 minute read

For all businesses, knowledge is power (indeed, the same can be said for many aspects of wider life too)...

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Published: Friday 6, April 2018 | Written by: | 1 minute read

It’s fair to say that most businesses probably won’t have a marketing strategy – in the same way that few have an overall business plan – at least in a documented and formalised format.

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Published: Wednesday 28, March 2018 | Written by: | 1 minute read

As a business owner/manager, I suspect that one of the resources you are short on is time – am I right?

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Published: Friday 9, March 2018 | Written by: | 2 minute read

There is no set way to do this – for as many people as you ask, you will get as many answers!

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Published: Wednesday 21, February 2018 | Written by: | 1 minute read

Marketing often gets a bad press – it’s the element of the business mix that people feel is intangible, it’s a ‘nice to have’ and often the first in the firing line when budget cuts are needed.

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Published: Friday 11, September 2015 | Written by: | 2 minute read

We’ve already blogged with our tips to help you with your marketing budget approval. 

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Published: Friday 28, August 2015 | Written by: | 2 minute read

As the ‘Great’ British summer draws to a close, those of you responsible for marketing know it as the season of budgets!

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Published: Friday 26, June 2015 | Written by: | 7 minute read

The changes in the marketing landscape mean that marketers can no longer rely on ‘time served’ or accreditations and qualifications to establish our credentials.

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