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Rachael Farley

As our Digital Marketing Executive, Rachael takes the lead on the strategy and delivery of our various digital accounts, including social and search. She has successfully completed a Level 4 Digital Marketing apprenticeship with flying colours whilst at Thrive and has been a part of our team for over two years. As well as being a self-confessed Potterhead, away from the office Rachael can be found with her head in a book or binge-watching the latest Netflix series!

Published: Monday 27, May 2019 | Written by: | 3 minute read

Not seeing much success from your top of the funnel social media ads? It might be time to delve into the world of remarketing, with the help of Facebook Pixel.

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Published: Friday 24, May 2019 | Written by: | 3 minute read

Over the last couple of years, marketers across the globe are feeling the wrath of social media algorithms.

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Published: Monday 20, May 2019 | Written by: | 2 minute read

Implementing Facebook Advertising into your social media strategy is a great way to raise brand awareness, increase engagement and drive conversions.

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Published: Wednesday 15, May 2019 | Written by: | 3 minute read

Reaching the right people at the right time in the right place can sometimes be a guessing game on social media platforms like Facebook.

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Published: Friday 22, February 2019 | Written by: | 1 minute read

Although you can’t set up an automated message for private messages on Instagram (yet!), you can set up Quick Replies to make your life a lot easier.

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Published: Wednesday 13, February 2019 | Written by: | 1 minute read

Building your personal brand on LinkedIn can be a daunting task with so many features and so little time to try them out.

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Published: Monday 4, February 2019 | Written by: | 1 minute read

In 2019, there will be an estimated 2.77 billion social media users worldwide so Snapchat and Murphy Research have teamed up to find out how users are impacted by the apps they use.

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Published: Wednesday 23, January 2019 | Written by: | 1 minute read

With over one billion users, Instagram has been paving the way for social media platforms in 2018.

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Published: Wednesday 16, January 2019 | Written by: | 2 minute read

Nothing jazzes up a plain ol’ social media post like a branded image, but what if you don’t have the budget for design work?

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