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Picture of Rachael Farley

Rachael Farley

Rachael is an essential member of the Thrive team who has been with us since her days as an apprentice. Three years later she is a fantastic asset in our digital marketing department, now delivering social media and content marketing workshops, as well as attending networking events. A self-confessed Potterhead and lover of all-things-sloth, Rachael can be found with her head in a book, or binge-watching the latest Netflix hit in her spare time.

6 Signs an Agency is the 'Right Fit' for Your Company

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How To Read Your Google Analytics Acquisition Report

If a new visitor lands on your website, you may be wondering how they came across your business and the answer lies in your Google Analytics Acquisition report.

7 Phrases to Avoid in Meetings to Keep It Professional

In meetings with colleagues, clients/customers or your boss, you need to consider the way you speak, specifically the words you use, to give the right, professional, impression.

5 Tips to Organise Your Email Inbox After the New Year

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Insta vs. Finsta - Setting Up Your Personal Social Presence

From ‘slay’ to ‘shook’, Gen Z has come up with a variety of newfound slang for the 21st century and we can now add ‘finsta’ to the list.

Thrive's Favourite Creative Marketing Campaigns of 2019

Powerful marketing campaigns have the ability to be remembered long after they’ve been released.

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