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Picture of Rachael Farley

Rachael Farley

Rachael is an essential member of the Thrive team who has been with us since her days as an apprentice. Three years later she is a fantastic asset in our digital marketing department, now delivering social media and content marketing workshops, as well as attending networking events. A self-confessed Potterhead and lover of all-things-sloth, Rachael can be found with her head in a book, or binge-watching the latest Netflix hit in her spare time.

Bring Your Team Together This Christmas With Secret Santa

When the first novelty gifts start appearing on shelves and Christmas songs start playing on the radio, you know the festive season has finally begun. 

How to Use LinkedIn InMail to Make Business Connections

The first initial contact you make with a prospect, both online and offline, are essential in developing long-lasting business relationships.

Measure Website Success With These Google Analytics Metrics

With a hoard of useful and, sometimes, overwhelming information, Google Analytics collects data that can be used to measure the success of your website.

Does Blogging Improve My Search Ranking?

When trying to get found on Google, businesses might turn to blogging in order to improve their organic search ranking.

What is Google Remarketing?

With only 2-4% of site visits resulting in a transaction according to Google, businesses across the globe are employing remarketing techniques in order to re-engage visitors in order to increase sales.

LinkedIn Premium Accounts Explained for Personal and Company Use

With over 303 million active monthly users, LinkedIn is a great social media platform that gives business professionals plenty of opportunities to widen their circle, target leads and develop their working relationships. 

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