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Picture of Sarah Burns

Sarah Burns

Our Digital Marketing Manager has been part of our team for six years and is responsible for the strategy and delivery of our inbound and digital marketing services. Sarah is also a core member of our HubSpot specialist team and leads our Google Search expertise too. Away from the office, Sarah is a massive fan of Friends and has terrible taste in music (read: cheesy pop AND boybands).

Why HubSpot Works for All Budgets in 2020

HubSpot has long been seen as the leader of the marketing automation platforms, but is it right for your business - and, more importantly, your budget?

How to Improve SEO with Yoast on WordPress

Even if you’re a small business, you probably understand the importance of search ranking and SEO performance.

Google Analytics: Identifying the Right Types of Traffic

If you’re reading your Google Analytics report and looking for ways to boost the amount - or quality - of traffic coming to your site, there is a key area to help you work out what to focus on…

How to Utilise Lead Scoring to Save Your Sales Team's Time 

Ensuring that your sales team are targeting effective prospects and leads relies solely on ensuring your sales process is able to identify high-value, engaged contacts.

How to Write Creative Product Descriptions that Encourage Online Sales

If you’re the owner of an all-singing, all-dancing e-commerce website you're probably swimming in sales, right?

Tripadvisor Rebrands and Launches ‘Review Hub’  

Online travel review giant Tripadvisor has rebranded in January 2020, with a slick logomark and reduced colour palette.

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