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Picture of Sarah Burns

Sarah Burns

Our Digital Marketing Manager has been part of our team for six years and is responsible for the strategy and delivery of our inbound and digital marketing services. Sarah is also a core member of our HubSpot specialist team and leads our Google Search expertise too. Away from the office, Sarah is a massive fan of Friends and has terrible taste in music (read: cheesy pop AND boybands).

Revealed: The True Value of Website Copy & Content

Creating website content is often one of the challenges that customers face when it comes to a website redesign or brand new website project. 

How to Use LinkedIn for Effective Prospecting

LinkedIn is an incredibly powerful tool when used correctly, regularly and with an open mind.  

6 Ways to Discover the Long-Tail Keywords You Should Be Ranking For

Ranking for particular keywords and phrases has long been seen as crucial, but which ones should you be ranking for?  

How to Upload Photos and Videos on Instagram

Those were the days... Shout ‘Cheese!’ and hope everyone had their best angle perfected without glare from the dreaded flash... 

6 Best Practices for Improving Landing Page Conversion Rates

There’s a lot to be said for producing a great website and content that excites readers.

How to Promote Your Business Using LinkedIn Advertising

If you’re a B2B company, you might not have seen the results you desired from a Facebook or Twitter advertising campaign due to the segmenting options they have available. 

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