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Browse commonly asked questions regarding inbound marketing, HubSpot and our other services.

If you can't find the answer to your question, please feel free to get in touch with our team and we will be happy to help/advise!

Last updated: 07 December 2017


Get in touch! We’re sure we can help, but the first stage is chatting to you about where your business is now, what you have, what you think you need and how you think we can help. Our initial discussion is of course complete free of charge and for us both to get to know each other. Contact us now!

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We are, first and foremost, an inbound marketing agency. We can provide content marketing, brand design and web development services, as well as support you with implementing other marketing services. Although we don’t offer every marketing service, we have a portfolio of carefully selected partners to support you with the ones we can't provide in-house.

We are always on the lookout to bring fresh talent into our agency. If you are studying at college or university, or you've recently graduated and believe your expertise could support our team, we’d love to hear from you!

Please visit our Careers page to find out about employment and internship opportunities, as well as how to submit your CV and portfolio for the consideration of a work experience placement.

Alternatively, if you're a budding marketer, why not submit a guest post for consideration?

Inbound Marketing and HubSpot Packages

As HubSpot says:

“Inbound marketing is a methodology built on a repeatable process. Drive more traffic to a website, and then from that traffic, generate leads with premium content offers. Then from those leads, use follow-up and targeted emails to turn leads into customers.”

Inbound marketing is a particular form of digital marketing that capitalises on the advantages of organic social media reach, organic traffic, lead intelligence, and automation. It is focused specifically on generating and nurturing leads so they can be converted into a client or customer when the time is right for them. Find out more about inbound marketing now.

HubSpot has been developing the beliefs and its own software behind inbound for around 10 years. The technology has actually been in existence for longer. Inbound relies strongly on a correlation between marketing automation, content marketing and sales.

It works because consumer buying habits have changed now. People want to research products, services and their creators, they are able to research and make assumptions about the quality of a seller via the internet.

Inbound marketing enables you to capitalise on a customer’s desire to know everything and be educated. It also capitalises on the technological advancements of inbound and marketing automation.

Learn more about HubSpot's approach and software here.

  • Marketing technology spend is now higher than advertising spend for companies. (Source: Gartner 2016, via HubSpot)
  • 63% of marketers say their top challenge is generating traffic and leads. (Source: State of Inbound 2017)
  • 38% of salespeople say getting a response from prospects is getting more difficult. (Source: State of Inbound 2017)
  • 61% of marketers believe their organisation's marketing strategy is effective. (Source: State of Inbound 2017)

Learn more about inbound marketing and how to apply it, by signing up for the free Inbound certification provided by HubSpot.

Inbound marketing is not an easy task and it certainly won’t be completed overnight. Inbound is an ongoing process that requires you to spend ‘reasonable’ or ‘significant’ time on the process. This is made both shorter and easier if you have an external agency – Thrive – to support and guide the journey.

It depends. Unfortunately, there is no clear way to answer that question, until we have had our initial discussions with you about the current state of your marketing and website. After an initial review, we will be able to give a clear answer about whether or not a new website would be required. We can either integrate HubSpot into your existing website – if it’s already looking good – or we can build you a new site on the HubSpot COS.

Discover more about this stage of our process.

We typically advise that a new HubSpot package customer can wait six months for leads to come through via organic website traffic. External factors will affect this estimate – particularly the quality of your existing database, social media presence and contacts in the industry.

Companies often gain a full ROI after the first year. This again can be impacted on external factors, such as the level of commitment placed on content marketing campaigns, how efficient the organisation is at implementing their Thriveability Plan – if they have undertaken one, etc.

Businesses commit to inbound because it aligns to their values and they believe it is worth the long-time value that it inevitably brings.

Thrive Marketing will assign you with an Account Manager who will hold monthly performance and analysis sessions with you to ensure that you stay on track to achieve your growth goals

Yes! However, we must advise that this is typically not in the best interests of your company. Without a strategic plan for how your moving parts will work together – social campaigns, email marketing etc. – how can you see what impact it’s having?

Inbound marketing works to ensure that all of the pieces slot together and you can see the results of both each tactic and the strategy as a whole.

Ebooks and downloadable resources, plus gated tools, all work to enable you to capture data and build lead nurturing campaigns. By providing your website visitors with the offer of valuable information to help them, why else would they turn to you for advice? This transfer of data for a download is a great way to ‘prove’ your talent and capability.

In a word, no. There are a number of alternative automation platforms on the market, we can discuss these with you. As well as these, there is also the option to put together a DIY version of HubSpot, affectionately named FrankenSpot. The process takes longer and there are still costs involved, however it does work as a cheaper alternative.

With Thrive, you can choose from one of three HubSpot Support Packages, all of which include the basics, and varying additional levels of content marketing support, enabling you to implement a full inbound marketing strategy.

Traditional marketing forms, such as advertising, do not ask for permission from their target audience – they simply expose them to promotional content, such as spam email, cold calls, TV advertising, billboards, PPC or web adverts.

Inbound marketing, on the other hand, requires prospects to opt in, meaning that they give permission – and their contact details – to receive marketing communications. Thanks to our internet-driven world, most prospects undertake their own research process when it comes to selecting a product/service provider. This means that you need to be sharing educational and resourceful updates so you’re on their radar during their buying journey.

We usually begin with a new client 2-4 weeks after a signed service agreement. We use the time before starting services to prepare our team for service launch. We do things like transfer knowledge from our engagement strategist to your dedicated marketing team members, find a writer specifically for your business and prepare tools and templates for you. This preparation helps us create a smooth and easy transition with our clients.

Absolutely. By following the inbound marketing process we ask for your details to provide you with some worthy reading and supportive materials for your marketing strategy.

Keep us in mind next time you have marketing questions!

Not necessarily! To have a successful content marketing strategy you need to be posting your blogs and social media updates in a strategic manner.

This involves an editorial calendar, a social posting schedule and a variety of content types for both social and blogging purposes. We build a month-by-month social schedule and include end-of-month reporting.

If you’d like to discuss our social media packages and content marketing services, please get in touch with our team.

Brand Design

Upon the receipt of final payment, copyright and approved imagery is yours. Any custom icon work or odd web modification pieces are the property of Thrive Marketing, if they weren’t included in the initial job specification. This work can be sold to you, at our discretion.

All stock photography used by Thrive Marketing on your website is licensed to Thrive Marketing via our professional stock photography account. Although clients have rights to use these images in marketing, if the client relationship is resolved the client may have to repurchase the images themselves or via their new agency.

Please bear in mind that we reserve the right to use any work for promotional purposes.

Yes! One of the great departments at Thrive Marketing is our Branding team who work hard to build professional and relatable brands for companies of all sizes and sectors. We also have different packages available to suit varying budgets and project sizes.

You will be taken through our Branding Workshops if you wish to undergo a full rebrand project, alternatively we can provide a brand refresh or create new stationery, promotional materials and marketing assets with your existing brand guidelines.

No, not the actual artwork files, unless agreed upon in the proposal. However, all approved web images and high resolution images purchased are 100% yours once the project is fully complete and paid for.

A finished project is yours upon receipt of final payment. At your request, we will supply the electronic files to you via Dropbox, WeTransfer or email.

We also keep a copy of your project on file on our secure in-house server, should you lose your copy of these files or require updates to your project.

Website Development

‘Good’ SEO can be a great addition to your inbound marketing package, however, a lot of the first stages of implementing SEO, such as meta tags and page headers are completed by our team as part of your web package.

Should you have undertaken a HubSpot Support Package with Thrive then you will also benefit from monthly keyword management and SEO support.

In addition to our in-house skills, we also have a number of trusted partners that can support your business with regular SEO projects.

Unfortunately, this is typically a question best answered with, ‘How long is a piece of string?’

Your website design will depend upon your requirements, including the website size, necessary functionality and the state of your existing brand.

However, we will give you a guideline for the length of each stage of the design, build and proof process.

In our experience, web projects are held up by miscommunication, a lack of content or changes to the project’s scope.

With this in mind, we no longer start web builds without the final content being signed off and received by ourselves. Alternatively, we provide an in-house content creation service.

Upon receipt - or sign off - of the content we can start the design and build of your website. We aim to keep all projects on track, with specific deadlines set for various stages of the project.

Later content amends or project add ons, such as changes in functionality or extra pages, will alter the timeline.

Yes. We offer upgrade services to existing design and functionality. Often, your website looks good but is still falling short in some way such as not reaching conversion goals. After we complete a website audit, sometimes the recommended upgrade can be as simple as adding a more effective call to action, for example.

Yes, we can provide a website build from brand concepts, website design, build and hosting, should it be required. We work with reputable hosting providers to ensure that there are no tasks for you to complete.

We will register your domain name, provide hosting, design and build your website, plus create corporate email addresses and a Google My Business presence.

All our websites are created with search engines in mind and the website design is compliant with search engine guidelines. It is a good idea for your website to be re-evaluated in time, as over a period of time the search engines do alter their rules and algorithms and you will want to be certain that your website is kept up to date and complies with new rules etc.

As standard, we set up a Google Analytics package, which tracks and records your website visitors, as well as looking into how they found you.

As an additional service, we can provide monthly Google Analytics reports to enable you to put in place the steps to improve your web presence and web traffic.

The website belongs to you once the design has been completed and paid for.

Social Media Marketing

That’s not an issue! Our team can implement on-brand designs for the visual aspects of your platforms and our team will walk you through a social media management analysis session. This session will incorporate a discussion about your goals and expectations of social media and we can offer guidance and advice about the most appropriate platforms.

If you’d like to discuss our social media packages, please get in touch with our team.

All three packages come with:

  • In-depth monthly reports of their accounts’ performance
  • Increased engagement and social following
  • A dedicated account manager

After that it is largely defined by the amount of time per week we allocate to building your account - the more time we spend, then the more scheduled messages and engagement you will get. All three packages are designed to have a positive impact on your online presence and we will choose a package that best suits your businesss, its demographic and your marketing goals./p>

Find out more about our social media offering here.

In so many words, yes, but that not our goal. We will work with you to choose a package that suits your organisation's budget, goals and audience. Part of our offering is to help you create engaging content that will boost metrics like followers, likes, reach etc., but we only do this organically.

You shouldn't focus too much on 'vanity' numbers. After all, we can buy you 5,000 followers tomorrow, but they aren't going to engage with your content - or your business.

Easy! We review each social media account for each client every month and hold an internal monthly analysis session to discuss your account’s growth and performance for the previous month. We will then share this data with you via email or in an in-house marketing meeting. You will receive a PDF report of your monthly social performance every month so you too can monitor your platforms' growth.

If your question hasn't been answered above, please feel free to get in touch with our team via hello@thriveability.co.uk or 01325 778 786 and we will be happy to help/advise!

Last updated: 07 December 2017